Snow-Plowable RPMs

Snow-Plowable RPMs

  • Model 101 cast iron housings are designed to withstand harsh conditions

  • Model 101 ramp angles improve plowing ability and decrease damage

  • The Model 201 Cradle rests below the road surface for snow plow protection

  • Tandem application of Model 201 is less expensive than a single iron casting

  • Replacement lenses (Model C40) available for both the 101 and 201

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Model 101 snow-plowable raised pavement markers play an important safety function on our roads, communicating both the travel path for short and long range vehicle operation.

Model 201 "The Cradle" is made from polycarbonate plastic.  The recommended tandem application increases total reflective area and features better wet-night reflectivity than traditional recessed markers.