Ennis-Flint 3000 EX Heat Torch

Ennis-Flint 3000 EX Heat Torch

  • Gel-coated comfort grip

  • Spare igniter stored in the trigger guard compartment.

  • Nozzle shape allows for even heating of the material

  • Foam padded plastic torch case protects your investment during transport.

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With its patented cold burning nozzle, the Ennis-Flint® 3000 EX propane heat torch is safe and comfortable to use even in the most extreme temperatures. This UL-listed heat torch features an electric ignition, hand guard, deadman trigger, and an automatic POL valve for maximum safety. 

The 3000 EX is specially designed for applying preformed thermoplastic pavement markings and adhesives. It can also be used for removal of paint, drying loop detector grooves, removal of cold plastic and temporary tape, shrinking plastic for wrapping, drying road surfaces and for melting snow or ice.