• Superior performance; abrasion resistant for durability

  • Four-year warranty on durability and retrorefectivity

  • Mechanically adheres to all asphalt pavements

  • May apply with the extrude method in 60-120 mil thickness


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HPS®8 Integrated Multipolymer is a unique binder system made up of multiple polymers to give it very high durability, long term retroreflectivity, and fast cure, yet can be applied with standard thermoplastic equipment. HPS®8 is applied using the extrude method at thicknesses ranging from 60 to 120 mils.

HPS®8 can be surface applied onto asphalt or concrete roadways or inlaid for longer service life and is engineered for durable long line usage even in extreme conditions. HPS®8 is resistant to snow plow damage and provides superior long life retroreflectivity.