• Measures thickness of pavement markings dry, after application

  • Easy to operate with an ergonomic design

  • Measures markings within the measurement range of
    -12.7mm to +12.7mm / -0.5in to +0.5in

  • Digital display provides reliable measurement results in seconds

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The quality and performance of pavement markings have increased in recent years thanks to better paint and thermoplastic materials and higher performing glass beads. In addition new, marking types have improved in particular the performance during wet conditions at nighttime by allowing better run-off of water. In parallel, cost of materials has increased having made road owners interested in knowing the actual amount of paint or thermoplastic applied. Measurement of the thickness of the markings is used for verification.

The DELTA Marking Thickness Gauge is a robust instrument which will last many years if handled with care and transported in the original transportation box.


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