Knowsley Intersection Revitalization with Duratherm®

May 10, 2016 – Ennis-Flint approved contractor Bellstan Ltd., began improvements on an intersection between Woolfall Health Avenue and Parbrook Road in Knowsley, Liverpool on Monday, May 9th. It is expected to be finished later today.

Duratherm® preformed thermoplastic, part of the Ennis-Flint TraffiscScapes, is a specially designed preformed thermoplastic material that is inlaid into imprinted asphalt. By imprinting the design and inlaying the Duratherm® material, it ensures that the material is protected from regular wear and maintains its attractive look for years. It is perfect for enhancing the beautification of neighbourhoods and pedestrian safety among shared roadway users.

Duratherm® also has a variety of performance-based features and benefits including:

-High skid/slip resistant for safety
-Enhanced durability, snowplough friendly
-Low maintenance
-Design flexibility with standard and customisable colours and patterns
-Eliminates the maintenance and safety concerns of loose pavers
-All materials is manufactured at Ennis-Flint’s manufacturing facility that is ISO 9001 certified.

Duratherm® preformed thermoplastic can be installed by our Ennis-Flint Certified Applicators, Bellstan Ltd. so you can be confident that you design intentions will be fully-met on the job site. Through the use of a specialised pavement heater, the existing asphalt is softened to the point where templates can then be pressed into the surface to create an imprinted pattern. Pre-cut sections of Duratherm® preformed thermoplastic are then set into these impressions. With the use of the heater again, the material is then bonded to the asphalt.

For more information on how you can use Ennis-Flint TrafficScapes Solutions in your next project, get in touch with our certified applicator Bellstan Ltd at +44 (0) 1256 884 107 or via email at